Celebrities With Questionable Personal Hygiene Habits

Being a celebrity means having access to many luxuries that average folk can’t always afford. This includes designer clothing, perfume, and other personal care items which should ensure they always look and smell good. Then there are the stylists whose jobs include keeping these celebs presentable whether it be onscreen or off-screen. However, not all stars adhere to this “policy”—you might be surprised to find out that some of Hollywood’s most beautiful actually have questionable hygiene habits. From skipping showers to not using deodorants, much to the chagrin of their co-stars, here are some A-listers who might want to make investments in better personal care.


“She’d rather be smelly than dead.” Those are pretty strong words coming from this beautiful actress, who always appears picture-perfect whether it be during events, on the red carpet, or even whilst out running errands. Gwyneth has sworn off using deodorants after finding out that the aluminum in it can be carcinogenic—something that some guests during the 2013 Met Gala had to experience first-hand. Some people were even spotted waving her scent away from their noses after brushing past the actress.

It’s quite ironic given that part of Paltrow’s investments went to her own wellness and lifestyle company – Goop. The company started as a weekly email newsletter that provided “sage advice” to its readers, most of which are heavily criticized to be pseudoscience. Under the company are several brands including Goop Fragrance which provides all-natural fragrance products including perfume and scented candles. Maybe she can come up with an all-natural deodorant next time. We hope she finds an alternative soon, with all that investment money she has in producing natural products!


He’s one of America’s sweethearts, but that doesn’t mean he can get away with smelling bad. The actor hasn’t put on deodorant in over 20 years—that’s two whole decades! The reason behind it? He simply prefers his own natural scent over something artificial. We do understand, of course, and he does shower if it begins to bother other people.

Something that Kate Hudson would have a say in during the filming of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as she persuaded him to use a salt rock, which is a natural alternative to deodorant. To Matthew’s credit, he does consider what others think.


Here’s another actress who isn’t keen on deodorant—but Julia Roberts takes it a step further by skipping showers. Her former security guard describes the actress as being a “total hippie” and does this in order to save water. Like Matthew, she also prefers her natural smell over anything else.

This green lifestyle does come with a price, particularly for those around her. Not showering or washing her hair, and not wearing deodorant can leave the actress smelling musty. Given that her line of work requires her to be around people most of the time, perhaps it’s time for online classes on natural alternatives?


He’s got a reputation for being ill-tempered, but according to Joan Rivers, his smell is just as foul. In fact, he prefers sitting downwind of the actor during awards shows. There have also been reports of his co-star Renee Zellweger asking to use a body double for intimate scenes after failing to get Russell to practice better hygiene.

But, is it really as bad as the tabloids report? Not quite, according to a good friend of the actor, who says that the degree of Russell’s smell is no different from the average bloke’s. A bit of alcohol, some curry—you get the picture.


The singer turned designer is known for her smile, but the secret to keeping her pearly whites looking the way they do might surprise you. Did you know that she doesn’t brush her teeth every day? Instead, Jessica uses Listerine and flosses—cleaning her teeth using a shirt instead. She does go on to say that her breath is always fresh.

Her confession on The Ellen Show isn’t anything new, however. Jessica has also once told the audience at her concert once that her teeth are so strong, they don’t need to be brushed. We wonder what her dental insurance thinks about that.


For his role in the movie Fury, he went as far as pulling his own tooth and refused to shower for weeks—all so he could really feel like a WWII soldier living in the trenches. We appreciate his dedication to the craft, but there are those who would argue that Shia still needs a good wash outside of filming movies.

On the set of for Sia’s Elastic Heart MV, his co-star Maddie Ziegler recalled a story where she handed the actor some wipes—pointing out, apologetically, that he was “kind of dirty”. Perhaps it’s time he made investments towards cleaning up his act.


Antiperspirant is the enemy—at least, this is what the actress believes. Cameron is very confident with her choice, however, and is often seen with pit stains even on the red carpet. Much like Matthew, she hasn’t used antiperspirant in over 20 years, citing its ill effects on the body.

In fact, she says it is the reason why people stink because the chemicals keep all of the bad odor in. Her advice? Trim your armpit hair so that it doesn’t hold the scent. Confident enough to give it a try? Think of it as part of your investments towards a chemical-free lifestyle.


If the saying holds true, then birds of the same feather really do flock together. In this case, the former couple found a match in each other when it comes to their hygiene habits. Johnny is said to smell because it is rare when he actually showers.

The same goes for his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, who isn’t that big on personal cleanliness as well. The source goes on to say that it is hard to be around them, and it isn’t all that difficult to imagine why. We wonder if the degree of their cleanliness changed now that they’re no longer together.


Forgetting to flush the toilet. We’ve all been guilty of this at one point, but there is something humorous about finding out that Megan Fox has done it as well. The actress blames her poor memory for these situations, which can be very embarrassing especially if she has done it over at someone else’s place—which she has and has been reprimanded for a few times.

This is what her friends do whenever she fails to follow protocol and make sure everything’s been taken care of before leaving the toilet. We hope she does remember to clean up before calling plumbing services!


Many of the celebrities on our list tend to have more valid reasons for their questionable hygiene—health, personal, environmental—but what about someone who simply doesn’t care? That’s the case with RPatz. He may clean up better these days but during the Twilight Saga? He was all about the grunge—to the point where people on set found it awful.

The reason? Rob simply doesn’t care and this philosophy isn’t limited to just his hygiene, the actor has stated that he doesn’t clean his apartment as well. Our advice? He could well afford a housekeeper with a fair bit of investment money.


Another Twilight star who has quite the aversion towards bathing. Strange as this might sound, her bad hygiene habits were a little too grungy for RPatz. Sources say that he appreciated it better when she made an effort but was certainly unhappy when she went back to her old ways once promotions for the film were over.

Kristen is saying otherwise, however, and even goes on to confess that her ex used to love licking under her armpits. A bit TMI? We think so as well. To her credit, Kristen does admit to sweating a lot and smelling bad whenever she gets nervous.


He’s the type of guy who looks as if they always smell shower fresh or of expensive perfume, but looks can be deceiving when it comes to this actor. A source revealed that he isn’t a fan of showering—which is worsened by the fact that Zac leads a very active lifestyle.

He works out a lot and plays basketball regularly, so you can just imagine how sweaty and musty that must be. When he gets too lazy to shower, the actor opts to freshen up using baby wipes. That’s one way of saving money when it comes to water and electricity, we suppose.


She may look glamorous and exude undeniable appeal, but we can’t say the same when it comes to how she smells apparently. According to one source, whilst Kendra enjoys glamming up, she actually cares little about how she smells. The source goes on to say that the starlet smells of urine most of the time.

Perhaps she simply has a number of pets to take care of? But, that should wash off when she showers—another thing that the Playboy Playmate doesn’t care much about. You’d think she’d splurge on perfumes using her credit cards, but that isn’t the case either.


We know Leo cares very deeply about the environment and is all about going green. In doing so, he has cut down on the number of times he showers to twice a week. He has also stopped using deodorant, and like Cameron, considers it unnatural.

A source has said that while the actor’s actions are helping save the environment, it is killing his love life at the same time. Leo often misses his trash pick-up day, which gives his home that unmistakable stink. We have to give him credit for practicing what he preaches, but perhaps it needs a bit of adjustment?


Much like Gwyneth, Jennifer exudes a sophisticated aura—the kind of girl who really takes care of herself. Whilst that might be true at present, if we were to believe her former roommate Nancy Balbirer, then Jen has a few hygiene habits that are very questionable.

When the two first started acting in NYC, they shared an apartment where Nancy recalls having many awkward incidents with the actress. First is the infamous chicken cutlet inserts, but worse than that is when she would give herself bikini waxes on their shared couch—Nancy should have gotten money loans and moved to her own place immediately after!


During the filming of Inglorious Basterds, the cast had to do some pretty difficult scenes where they needed to appear filthy and worse for wear. It was during one of those scenes that Eli got, quite possibly, one of the best tips for combatting the stench: Baby wipes.

Brad, who was raising six kids at the time, told Eli that all he needed was a couple of wipes under the armpits and they’re good to go—citing that he was getting peed on all day by kids and therefore, don’t have the time to shower. To Brad’s credit, at least he was making some effort!


The singer may have left her former bodyguard scarred for life with how bad her personal hygiene habits are. Fernando Flores has accused Britney of chain-smoking cigarettes, leaving her stinking of tobacco. The lawsuit he filed in 2011 also detailed things such as her breaking wind or picking her nose without much concern for those around her.

Britney also allegedly skipped showering for days and didn’t brush her teeth. She also wasn’t fond of deodorant and was always barefoot. She has been in unflattering situations, but her lawyer denied all the above. Despite that, it has forever tainted some people’s image of her.


The former IT boys of Gossip Girl fame may always look sleek and suave during events but behind the scenes? It is apparently an entirely different story. Sources have revealed that their shared home is far from the glamorous image they project and is, in fact, a total dump.

Their apartment is said to be littered with clothes and reeks of garbage. We wonder if there’s any designer gear thrown into the mix. It doesn’t change the fact that these are two grown men, fully capable of looking after themselves, but simply refuse to. If all this is true, some online classes on organizing might help?


She licked a sledgehammer in Wrecking Ball and went from Hannah Montana to rolling on floors during performances, so having questionable hygiene seems to be on-brand for this actress-singer. In 2016, she allegedly put on someone else’s retainer—an act that could have led to some seriously bad times for the singer, though it’s just one peek into how “good” her oral hygiene actually is.

Dentists say her coated tongue points to the lack of care, but are we really surprised? That was years ago, however, and we hope she’s gotten some dental insurance, given that her persona has calmed down by notches since.


The actor is the first to confess that he might actually stink—but unlike others on our list, he’s taking action. Well, not in the way other people would expect. See, he still refuses to wear deodorant but does take plenty of showers to compensate. He told Esquire magazine that takes one every morning, after the gym, and then at night.

Not too environmentally friendly, but we’re sure those around him do appreciate the effort. It’s better than doing absolutely nothing— perhaps he’s going green through other means? Saving on one’s use of electricity also counts, after all, and we’re sure the actor’s well aware.


The actress, herself, has confessed that she has rather unorthodox personal hygiene habits. She told one magazine that her hair is very low maintenance and that she only shampoos it once a month! Apparently, Shailene likes her “horse hair” the oilier, the better.

The actress also uses plenty of essential oils with rather offensive scents, making it difficult for stylists to borrow designer garb to dress her in. These oils don’t come off easily, after all. Perhaps it’s time she sought better alternatives for her hair health and used more subtle oils instead? Small investments towards making the job of her team much easier.


Portraying the ranger, Aragorn, in The Lord of the Rings might have influenced some of the actor’s personal hygiene choices during filming. It was once reported that Viggo actually slept in the woods and slept alongside horses.

When asked about it, his co-star Sean Bean simply commented that “he was very smelly” and described the actor as not having the best “relationship with soap and water”. To his credit, Viggo did state that he camped—not “lived” in the woods as previously reported. He also did not sleep with the horses, but that he did spend plenty of time with the creatures.


Some of these reports are so outrageous, you have to question their legitimacy. A stylist once revealed that the actress was quite a nightmare to dress—not because she uses too much essential oil on her body like Shailene—but because she shows up to appointments wearing disgusting clothing.

No, not unfashionable pieces. She was referring to clothes covered in days-old food! The stylist even recalls when she had to peel off a piece of shrimp off of the actress’ back that was likely weeks old. If this is true, couldn’t she have spared a bit of investment money in getting her laundry done?


There are many different grounds for divorce, but does bad hygiene count? This might be the reason why Miranda Kerr called it quits with the actor. According to reports, she has asked him to shower more often and wash his clothes—this is because Orlando wears his jeans, shirts, sweaters, and socks for weeks on end before deciding to toss them in the wash.

We get that some people use the same jeans for a few days, but weeks? He could well afford new ones or get his laundry done by someone else, so it wouldn’t smell. Saving on those electricity bills, are we?


She stinks—but it’s for a particularly good reason. While her ex, Scott Disick, has complained of Kourtney’s tendency to smell foul, he has also cited a very understandable reason as to why. The reality star decided to quit using deodorant whilst she was breastfeeding their daughter Penelope, likely due to the fact that it could actually be bad for the baby.

As a mother, she’d only want the safest and best for her child—even at the expense of smelling bad. To Kourtney’s credit, she did try using a natural alternative which included baking soda but this doesn’t always work out for everyone.


He’s got girls all over the world swooning over his smooth vocals and great looks, but if we were to believe rumors then he doesn’t smell as good as he appears. Former bandmate Louis Tomlinson once said that Harry would fart and pretend it wasn’t him for a good 10 minutes—sounds like fun and games among friends, but what does his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift have to say?

It has been reported that she’s complained of his breath stinking of cigarettes, coffee, and booze. With sold-out albums and tours, perhaps it’s time he put some investment money into better grooming as well?


When it comes to the list of stinkiest celebs, stylists have dished that Mel Gibson is right at the top. These unnamed insiders revealed to a magazine that the actor-director smelled strongly of body odor and cigarettes— the least appealing of scents.

If these reports are indeed true, we find it strange that even with all the money he has, Mel cannot invest in better grooming and personal care for himself. Is it possible that he’s simply too busy or perhaps, cares little about what others might think? We hope he reconsiders, given the degree of offensiveness his smell seems to have taken.


The actress believes that “white people shower a lot more than ethnics”. At the time, she was married to Ryan Dorsey and even cited his habit of showering 2 to 3 times a day as an example. Naya is half African American and half Puerto Rican, but her claim is such a bold generalization—don’t you agree?

When her words received backlash, Naya remarked that she made the comment jokingly. It does make one wonder, however, if her dislike for daily showering was among the reasons why she eventually needed the services of a divorce attorney. She and Ryan Dorsey have since split.


It may not have been the grounds for their divorce, but her ex-husband did once say that she had pretty questionable personal hygiene habits. Going on to say that whilst Courtney may appear beautiful, she’s not always maintaining her grooming and might sometimes smell like a truck driver.

Now, before you cringe, David did say that he liked it. Nonetheless, it is a bit surprising given her role as the neat freak Monica Gellar on Friends. She’s also got a beautiful master bathroom, so why the smell? To her credit, this is because she’s chosen to go completely natural after going overboard on cosmetic fillers.


Some people look at the rapper and think: “yeah, he probably stinks”. But, it’s all rumors for now—including the report of his manager quitting because of how bad Post smelled. It might be because of his many tattoos and his way of dressing, but many people seem to believe he has hygiene issues; enough to nominate him to be part of the Queer Eye reboot back in 2018.

In response to the countless tweets, his self-deprecating humor shone through “…they just think I’m ugly and smell lol”. To this guy’s credit, he does insist that a lot of women love his natural musk.


If she really brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack then we won’t wonder any further about why the singer is on this list. You might think that’s the worst of her hygiene offenses, but it gets worse. She’s the first to admit that she does smell like a hobo or a shrimp on a diaper, but these self-deprecating jokes are nothing compared to that one time she drank her own pee.

Kesha did say that she committed the act because she heard doing so was good for her health. We’re not sure what insurance companies would think about his, however, 10/10 not recommended.


The Batman actor has long been rumored to have halitosis, dating back to Forces of Nature, which he co-starred in with Sandra Bullock. His leading lady complained a lot about Ben’s breath, but she wouldn’t be the last on the list.

An article on Fox News reports that many of the female co-stars who complained of the actor’s bad breath are those he had to share kissing scenes with. It’s not like these women can simply walk-out since they are under contract to complete it despite any “hesitations” they might have. We have to give these women credit for their dedication to their craft.


We’re not sure if JLaw was simply playing a prank on his Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth, but during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he talked about how the actress would always eat the kind of food that gave her nasty breath whenever they had to film kissing scenes together.

It can be easy to think of the actress as being incredibly inconsiderate of Liam, but given Jennifer’s nature and offbeat humor, we’re leaning towards her simply pranking the other actor. With all that investment money she made from the franchise, she has more than enough to get proper dental care.


The retired basketball player and former Kardashian in-law may have moved past his time about the family, but the fact remains that the women have had a few choice words for him. On Season 7 of their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim actually complained to her sister about her ex-husband’s stinky breath and how that made it hard for her to get physically near him.

It was so bad that Kim said she wanted to “throw up in her mouth” each time she went in for a hug. We hope he has since changed his ways and made investments into proper oral hygiene!


The actor’s bad breath is a good example of what can happen if you continue chain-smoking. It might not have been a problem for him, but it certainly did cause issues with his onscreen wife, Alyson Hannigan.

The two only portray husband and wife on the TV show How I Met Your Mother, but Alyson put her foot down and said that she would not go near Jason unless he stopped his bad habit. Despite not being a real couple, we have to give Alyson credit for actually pushing Jason to quit smoking. He hasn’t had a stick since!


Beauty doesn’t quite equal smelling the best when it comes to Hollywood. Much like her former husband, Brad, the actress has a smelly secret of her own. In fact, one Valentine’s Day, he gave her breath mints as a present.

That wouldn’t have been too bad if it was kept between the couple, but a tabloid later reported that the gift was an inside-joke and that Brad always teased Angie about her terrible breath. Embarrassing as that might be, it is a good reminder that nobody is perfect. That said, we do hope she’s made investments into getting the issue remedied.


When attending formal events, it is only normal for everyone to want to look and smell their best. This wasn’t the case for Hugh, however, and he reportedly left a lasting impression on guests during the 2002 Oscars. To the extent where even his fellow actors and actresses had to beg for him to do something about it.

As if that wasn’t enough, some of his Hollywood friends actually sent mouthwash his way so he could gargle before stepping up on the podium. The degree of embarrassment would’ve been overwhelming, but we hope he took it as a lesson to freshen up better.


The TODAY show anchor has been thinking about making personal changes—in particular, giving up showering every day for good. This was during a live discussion so you can just imagine everyone’s surprise when she announced it. She believes that showering daily isn’t necessary and can even be bad for people who suffer from dry skin.

Tamron goes on to say that it could also help ease the symptoms of eczema. Despite contradictions from her co-hosts, Tamron still wants to give the idea a try. To her credit, at least she’s giving it some thought before really jumping into such a big (and possibly smelly) change!


Considering all the things that have occurred on Jersey Shore, the reality show that Snooki was once part of, it isn’t difficult for us to imagine the lapses when it comes to her personal hygiene. Do you remember them showering before heading out to a club?

Well, according to JWoww, who was on the show with Snooki, she used to “dropkick” the other to get her out of bed and into the shower—at 3 in the afternoon. Even Snooki admitted to smelling bad, particularly of alcohol and beer. She’s since changed her partying ways so we hope she’s also made investments into better hygiene.


She pulls off some of the most elegant red-carpet looks with ease, but the actress isn’t as high-maintenance as she seems. During an interview with David Letterman, she confessed about being okay with not showering—for a week. That’s a considerably long time, especially since she’s a fairly active person.

Whilst that might be fine for her, we wonder if her co-stars feel the same way. Given the dirt and grime they all experienced during the filming of Mad Max, she must have felt gross and smelly. We’ve got to give her credit for not being afraid to tough it out, however!


This one’s a combination of poor hygiene and a bad lifestyle. It was in 2011 when fans were shocked to see Lindsay with a completely new look. Blonde locks and really, terrible teeth. Tabloids described it as being “chipped and discolored”, which they also attributed to her partying and abuse of drugs.

Her story does have a pretty happy ending, however, as she’s been recently spotted all cleaned up and looking fresh. As for the rest of her lifestyle, that’s still up for debate. All that aside, we have to give her credit for taking notice and improving her dental care.


The retired NBA baller didn’t leave much of a legacy in terms of his game when his career ended just six years after it started. However, that’s not the only thing that the league remembers him for. There’s also the fact that his personal hygiene was so terrible.

The former baller didn’t take showers, chewed tobacco, and wore the same 3 polos for an entire year. It’s not that he didn’t make money from the sport, he even retired a very wealthy man, and so we can’t help but wonder why he couldn’t spare a bit of it towards his personal hygiene game.


The sport of basketball and maintaining personal hygiene are two things that should go hand-in-hand, but not every baller got the memo. If we’re to believe Kobe Bryant’s words then his teammate Brian Grant is the “smelliest player he has ever played with” and Kobe thinks it’s all due to Gran’s dreadlocks.

That said, the dreads were inspired by Bob Marley and his song War—a picture of the kind of racism that the baller had to deal with while growing up in rural Ohio. We’ve got to give him credit for representing a very important issue and continuing his advocacies, smelly hair and all.


If you think only the NBA spills on who smells within the league, you are wrong. The NFL has its own stars who have more than enough money for soap and water but are still averse to taking care of themselves. Just take Andrew Luck, the current Colts quarterback.

If Matt Hasselback’s words are to be believed, this athlete skips baths and is grungy like a college kid. That said, Andrew did respond with a simple “I do shower twice a day” and blames his beard for the overall “messy” look which his girlfriend also dislikes. Time to put investments into professional beard grooming then?


Personal hygiene doesn’t just refer to one’s habits in the shower, it could also pertain to an individual’s overall lifestyle that also affects their cleanliness. Just take John Daly for example—his off-the-green habits certainly have repercussions. He smokes 2 and a half packs of cigarettes every single day and drinks 15 cans of diet coke—foregoing water completely.

As for the food? He can finish off 2 big macs, 3 cheeseburgers, a chocolate shake, and a regular coke in one sitting. You don’t need a degree in medicine to know that this affects his health and the way he smells at the same time.


There are things people do privately that we cannot judge them for—except in instances wherein these things end up in the public eye. For German soccer coach Joachim Low, it placed him in a very awkward position of needing to explain his unhygienic practice of putting his hand down his crotch—then smelling it after.

The first time is bad enough, but he was caught a second time scratching his backside then going for yet another sniff. There’s an entire compilation of such moments online! We feel bad for the coach but to his credit? He did say he will try to behave differently.


If you’ve ever had braces or retainers, then you know how difficult it is to eat with these dental apparatuses on. Food gets stuck on it, which can put the wearer in awkward and potentially embarrassing situations. Hygiene-wise, they require plenty of cleaning but don’t always come out spotless.

Which is why we’re left scratching our heads at the Pop icon insisting on keeping her grills on as accessories. She’s well known for that rebellious streak, but we can imagine how much trouble the upkeep on these might be. Then again, she’s got enough investment money to find people who will clean them for her.


This actor has a lifestyle that is questionable in itself, so it isn’t too surprising that he’d be accused of having hygiene issues as well. Aside from reeking of cigarettes and booze, many tabloids have also pointed out his “mouth jewelry” that come in the form of a gold tooth.

Whilst the gold tooth is covered up during filming, Sheen insists that he doesn’t care about what people think about it. To some, it may look cool, but his past lovers claim the tooth represents his bad habits and lifestyle, replacing his real teeth that have fallen out due to it.


Going back to the athletes, we have NBA player Ronny Turiaf who has been deemed as being one of the smelliest in the league. Not a title he’s proud of, we’re sure, and one that we still have major doubts over—considering the information comes from Amar’e Stoudemire who is well-known for his rather uncouth humor.

He even once joked about loving the smell of the weight room! It was during an interview with ESPN when he confirmed the different rumors about Ronny’s poor hygiene. These guys earn millions so investments in better grooming should be easy for them to do.


She might look more put-together these days, with polished looks and glamorous makeup, but once upon a time she was known for being “Dirrty”. That might have been just one of her hit songs, but Hannah Hooper of Grouplove says that the singer actually smells more like hotdogs instead of expensive designer perfume.

Hannah goes on to say that Christina smells like a “12-year-old girl’s bedroom on school disco night”. Ouch! That’s certainly not what we’re all expecting from this vampy artist. We sure hope she’s upgraded her eau de parfum, now that she’s got plenty of investment money for it!


For many, she’s still the epitome of an actual dreamgirl. Now married and busy with taking care of her family, she’s certainly far more casual and cares little about getting glammed up on a daily basis. Like many of the celebs on our list, however, she’s gone au naturel as well—foregoing the use of deodorant due to its reported harmful effects.

The consequences of which is body odor, which once distracted students during a yoga class she was in! That said, we do have to give her credit for choosing to live more naturally—but perhaps she should also consider deodorant alternatives?

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