These Couples Who Prove True Love Exists Will Inspire You


Sam Elliot is an American actor who once won several awards, including Golden Globe Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards. In the same, Katherine Ross is also an excellent actress who earned BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Awards. However, they hadn’t communicated until in the 1978 horror film The Legacy, co-stars Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross first met and started dating. Since then, they have been together. The couple exchanged vows in 1984 and have been inseparable.

The couple has a daughter named Cleo Rose, who for sure wouldn’t have to worry about student loans, given that her parents are both successful Hollywood stars. Katharine has been inactive in her acting career, but Sam still continues to pursue his passion. His recent film is the musical drama, A Star Is Born. Now together for 36 years, they have indeed set the bar high for the younger generation.