Former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw spent his senior career with Pittsburgh Steelers. When he retired from football in 1984, he decided to become an NFL game analyst so that he signed a television contract with CBS. In his spare time, he also wrote five books and produced six albums of country and gospel music. July 8, 2014, was a special day for him as he married his wife, Tammy.

Tammy is known to be very supportive of Terry to the degree that she even takes good care of his two daughters from his former wife, Charla Hopkins, an attorney. Terry and Tammy have been in a relationship for 15 years prior to their marriage. Terry now works as a sportscaster and analyst. Tammy, on the other hand, is a philanthropist who has been a generous donor to different organizations such as Opioid Solution fundraiser and No Kid Hungry Charity. What a tandem!