Celeb Weight Loss: Inspiring Success Stories

Losing weight is not easy as it requires a tremendous amount of hard work. Even more for celebrities who are consistently exposed to the spotlight. They find that it’s much more important to stay in good shape, especially for their careers. Everyone wants to lose weight, but how?

Normal people, even celebrities, put on a few extra pounds, which is why they spend more time and money on personal trainers, private gyms, diet plans custom-built by their nutritionists, or weight-loss surgeries. Losing weight is doable especially with the right help. Check out these success stories to know more!


American reality show actress “Mama June” June Shannon became popular in the children’s beauty pageant life reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and then hosted the reality show “From Not to Hot”. From a heavyweight body to a beautiful mother, and even make a new boyfriend Let’s all give Mama June credit for her amazing weight loss! She didn’t need to rely on surgeries alone. Instead, she put in a lot of hard work.

Her amazing weight-loss journey could not have been successful if it weren’t for the emotional support from her little daughters. In 2016, Mama June had a gastric sleeve surgery. She began to lose weight gradually after that. However, her personal trainer had to step in at some point because she stopped losing weight. She also had excess skin removed from her stomach. Her efforts and hard work paid off as she is now a size 4! This helps her lose part of her weight and maintain her initial weight loss.


Vince Vaughn is an American film actor, playwright, producer, comedian and social activist. He starred in commercials in high school, which is also the opportunity for him to become an actor. He started a career in acting in the ‘80s but rose to fame in 1996 for the film Swingers. He’s known for starring in movies such as Old School, Starsky and Hutch, Zoolander, Wedding Crashers, The Dilemma, and Unfinished Business.

He is humorous and considerate, although his appearance is still some distance from the handsome guy, but from the beginning of his debut, the stunning beauties around him have never been cut off. As the years passed, his career grew bigger and so did his weight. He managed to lose weight somehow! Because he knows that only a healthy image can survive for a long time in Hollywood, then can enjoy life healthy and happy.


Kirstie Alley, who was born in Wichita, Kansas, USA, is best known for taking credit for her roles in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Veronica’s Closet, and Cheers. People are not only impressed by her screen image, but also interested in her private life. Throughout his career, Alley’s work has been recognized by multiple associations. Because of her role in the sitcom “Cheers”, she won four Golden Globe nominations. That is also one of her own favorite works.

After a few years of being out of the spotlight, she gained a lot of weight but never for once thought of going under the knife. In the mid-2000s, she lost 75 pounds because of a diet program by Jenny Craig. She eventually gained weight again after. In January 2015, Alley claimed that she had lost 50 pounds since starting the Jenny Craig weight loss program again.


Lisa Riley is an English actress who takes credit for becoming famous in the mid-90s. She is known for appearing as Mandy Dingle on Emmerdale. Riley has been trained at the Oldham Theatre Workshop since she was nine years old, and was signed by an agent three years later. But this did not mean she quickly embarked on the path of acting. Subsequently, she appeared in a cameo appearance in the British soap opera Emmerdale in 1995.

Over the course of her journey, she was able to drop 168 pounds. This was made possible only through dieting and a lot of exercising. She keeps on exercising every day, even if she is exhausted, she will continue the next day. This kind of strong will impressed the people around. With dietary adjustments, the effect is doubled. She quit drinking alcohol and gave up junk food. Recently she appeared on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip,constantly trying to challenge new things, so as to gain more energy to enrich life.


Seth Rogen was born from Jewish families who moved to Ukraine and Russia in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a Canadian-American actor, screenwriter, comedian, producer and director. During his childhood, he played as a independent comedian for four years. At the age of 16, he won second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest, then starting his acting career.

Seth Rogen started to get in shape when he was told to do so for a movie. He was never the type to care about his size or weight. But this movie is very important to him, and he has been preparing carefully. He devoted himself to working out 5 times a week with a dedicated fitness trainer. As a result, he lost 30 pounds and looked great in the movie. His most recent project includes being the voice of Pumba in Disney’s new Lion King movie.


Tyra Banks,widely takes credit for her success as a supermodel. In the past, she was an angel of the high-end underwear brand “Victoria’s Secret”. She is well known for the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. Tyra is the first African-American to appear on the cover of GQ, the swimsuit model of Sports and Victoria’s Secret shows. In 1997, she won the honor of the first supermodel. This is an innovation in the fashion circle .

Just because she’s a supermodel doesn’t mean she doesn’t gain a few pounds. In 2018, she was able to lose 30 pounds. She did it naturally by changing her eating habits with the help of her nutritionist. One of her latest appearances was on a TV film for reprising her role as Eve in Life-Size 2. She will serve as the new host of ABC TV’s 2020 reality show “Dancing with the Stars”.


Kim Kardashian, the TV personality also takes credit for being a businesswoman. Kim always has the media’s attention every time especially when she wears new outfits. Lately, people have been noticing that she has been losing 20 pounds within a matter of weeks. You can see many amazing photos from her social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Kim shared in an interview that she used to maintain her weight at 140 pounds but after that, she decided to trim it down to 116 pounds and felt great about it. She often posts photos or videos of her fitness. There is no secret behind her rapid weight loss. She exercises daily and lifts weights. She will stick to it even if she is out of breath. This life has become her daily habit. Simultaneously, she follows a bodybuilding diet that involves healthy food.


Kourtney is the eldest Kardashian sister. She’s famous for her well-toned body. People often ask her how she maintains great shape, especially after having three children. Courtney announced that after more than three months of hard work, her weight had dropped by 20 kg to 48 kg. That is already in a very ideal state. After all, Courtney is only 152 cm tall, so this weight is perfect.There are many photos of Courtney working out in the gym on the Internet, far more than her sister.

Kourtney likes traveling very much. Not long ago, she took the children to Italy for a holiday. During this period, she kept her diet under control, and she did not start with delicious pasta, pizza, ice cream and other favorite foods. Courtney’s weight loss depends on her super willpower. For ordinary people, once the weight gains, it is difficult to get down. It is estimated that it will be difficult to return to a perfect state.


Jennifer Lynn Farley, also known as JWoww, is an American TV personality. Before starting her career, she worked as a babysitter for a period of time, mainly working with little children. She was originally one of the eight main actors of the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” and the main actors of its derivative product “Snooki & Jwoww”. Like any other celebrity who entered the wonderful world of motherhood, Jenni Farley gained weight after giving birth to her second child.Having children always makes people fat.

Seeing the changes in her physique, Farley made the decision to get back in shape. The Jersey Shore underwent grueling workout routines, such as running, biking, rope jumping, boxing, and strength training. For those who are looking for online classes on how to cut some pounds, her Instagram page is definitely worth checking out!She uploads fitness photos almost every day and sometimes even shares and broadcasts some medium-intensity training schedules. Following her share of exercise is also a good way to exercise.


Robert Arthur Kardashian is an American TV personality, businessman and model. Participated in the recording of many reality shows. He is known for his role in “The Kardashian Family”, a reality TV series centered on his family and its spin-off companies. Robert Arthur Kardashian dated model Blac Chyna in January 2016 and got engaged in April of the same year. In November 2016, Blac Chyna gave birth to a daughter. In February 2017, the two broke up.

Rob Kardashian was rumored to have undergone a weight-loss surgery that cost $100,000. This was according to his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. Rob countered the rumors and said that it was Chyna who underwent the surgery to lose weight and that he paid for it. He’s had type 2 diabetes for a very long time but continues to make life better by shedding the extra pounds. Just like his sisters, he’s willing to put in his investment to become healthy and physically fit.


Jennifer Gimenez is a TV actress and model that has taken credit for several appearances in the industry. She has appeared in many music videos, movies and TV shows. In 2001 Maxim’s 100 list, she ranked 77. Gimenez is the youngest model to appear on the cover of “American Elle”all over the world. She also appeared in the Calvin Klein and Guess campaigns. She also appeared in Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” seasons 2 to 5 as a “friend” of full-time actor Brandi Granville.

She gained a lot of weight during her recovery in rehab. She was unbelievably weighing 263 pounds. She was advised to lose weight using a more organized diet plan with the most natural ways and methods as possible. She managed to lose a whopping 100 pounds. The beautiful Gimenez has always been in love. In an interview in 2017, she said she was very happy. On December 31, 2019, Gimenez married Tim Ryan, who advocated economic recovery.


Chaka Khan, born in Chicago on March 23, 1953, whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens, is an American singer and composer. Her career started in the 1970s and was a member of the Rufus band from 1973 to 1978. Rufus were one of the most popular funk bands in the 1970s. With Rufus, she achieved four gold singles, four gold albums, and two platinum albums. They won four R&B albums, ten Top 40 pop songs, five R&B singles and other honors.

Chaka Khan always had a problem with her weight, her alcoholism, and her substance abuse. Eventually, because of her diva lifestyle, the Queen of Funk was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It led her to change her lifestyle. It was a 360-degree change as she began to follow a strict and healthy diet. She changed her eating habits and excluded dairy products and meat from her meals. She also tried different physical activities and workout plans so that she can get the desired results.


Wayne Elliot Knight was born on August 7, 1955, in New York, USA. He is an American actor and comedian. Wayne Knight takes credit for his popular roles in Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Tarzan, Seinfeld, and many more. Although Knight was an honors student during school, he left the university after only one credit to graduate in order to pursue a career in acting. He then moved to New York City and took his first role at Broadway two years later.

He has put his chubbiness into good use, especially in many of his memorable characters. His physique never bothered him as it was easy to remember his characters even if he wasn’t as fit as the other actors. He now lives a healthier lifestyle and never had a tummy tuck procedure. He was quite the smoker and drinker back then. Now, he reduced those vices into moderation. He lost 40 pounds and no longer gets stereotyped as the fat guy in movies.


Janet Jackson first takes credit for making appearances in shows Good Times and Fame in the early ‘80s. She became a musician like her siblings and released many albums and hit singles during her career. She collaborated with famous music producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and pioneered the integration of rhythm and blues, funk, disco, rap and industrial noise music into pop music. She became a fashion pioneer in the music industry.

The pop star has always been fit but she became a mom in 2017, which made her gain a lot of weight. She later started working out with her personal trainer and has remained consistent in her weight loss journey. She has lost around 70 pounds. Janet is now one of the people who will be inducted into the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Her evergreen performance status, pioneering musical philosophy, and huge social influence have provided many musicians with creative materials and inspiration.


Abby Lee Miller was born on September 21, 1965 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an choreographer and host of reality shows. She is also the founder of Abby Lee Dance Company. Abby Lee Miller is best known for her sweet curves and figure.Miller has never been married and has no children. During the physical examination, she was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in April 2018.

She went through various health and weight issues for a long period of time. It was difficult for her as she suffered from hypothyroidism. In 2017, she had to get a gastric sleeve surgery. Aside from her health problems, she apparently had money problems as well. She went to prison for bankruptcy fraud. During her time in prison, she lost 100 pounds. According to some sources she’s planning to get plastic surgery when she gets out of jail.


Gabourey Sidibe was born in New York, USA on May 6, 1983. She is a well-known African American actress. Gabourey Sidibe takes credit for appearing in Precious. The story is adapted from Sapphire’s novel of the same name. The plot is about how a black girl with a tragic background overcomes all difficulties and how to live bravely.With this role, she won the 67th Golden Globe Awards and the 82nd Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

The 34-year-old also hogged the limelight for sharing her amazing weight loss journey. She went through gastric sleeve surgery and within the year, she is showing off her toned down figure on her Instagram account. She recently stated in an interview that her type 2 diabetes is the reason she takes weight seriously. She did not go under the knife so she could look gorgeous as she had also been battling weight issues since she was six years old. She loves her body now more than ever.


Matthew McConaughey, the famous American actor who takes credit for his role in the coming-of-age comedy film Dazed and Confused, is also known for his perseverance. In 2013, with the vivid interpretation of AIDS patients in the independent film “Dallas Buyers Club”, not only won praise, but also almost won all major awards. He goes deep into every role he chooses. He took acting very seriously to the degree that he has considered losing weight and gaining weight as a way of really becoming the character.

The process itself is dangerous and an unhealthy lifestyle. In the movie Dallas Buyers Club, he immediately lost 42 pounds. He went on a highly resistive weight loss diet and ate only green vegetables and very little meat. Matthew firmly believes in the famous saying “Just Keep Livin”, which is mainly used to “commit to help young people live active lives, make healthy choices, and become great men and women.” He also rescued various pets trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.


Aretha Franklin is an American pop music female singer. She has released many songs involving soul and pop music, and won the title of “The Queen Of Soul” . She has won numerous awards and is the third female artist in history to win a Grammy Award, with a total of 19. In addition to the Grammy Awards, she was also the first female singer to be selected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

At her age, it was quite difficult to endure the process but she took things seriously. She was 300 pounds when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was then when she finally decided that it was time to get her life back on track. She hired a whole team of experts that included a fitness trainer, a dietitian, and doctors to design the perfect diet for her. Gastric sleeve surgery and fast slimming methods were out of the question. You have to give her credit for losing more than a hundred pounds!


Roseanne Barr is a famous actor and comedian. She started as a stand-up comedy artist and established herself as an actress. She takes credit for winning an Emmy and Golden Globe award for Best Actress because of her hard work. During the ‘80 and ‘90s, she became controversial on TV for her harsh view on housewives and their lifestyle. In 1998, she decided to get gastric bypass surgery and she lost 350 pounds!

Barr is very active on political issues. In the 2012 general election, she won nearly 70,000 votes as a candidate for the president of the left-wing Peace and Liberal Party. She has now switched to a healthier lifestyle and is eating only healthy and protein-rich foods. She is reported to also be using Garcinia Cambogia diet pills. This way of losing weight is very suitable for her and the effect is very good.


Blake Lively was born on August 25, 1987 in Los Angeles, California. His father is the actor Ernie Lively and his mother is the famous Scout Elaine. Blake originally wanted to study at the University of Denver after graduating from high school, but later chose an acting career. She is well known for her role on the TV series Gossip Girl. She takes credit for playing the role of Serena Van der Woodsen.

She got married to Ryan Reynolds in 2012. She gained a lot of weight in 2014 when she got pregnant. She took up the challenge of accepting a role for the movie The Swallows after giving birth. She decided to lose weight in a matter of months. She went on an intensive workout regimen and a strict diet. She lost 60 pounds and is now in the best shape of her life.


Jordin Sparks is a famous American singer and actress. She was the winner of the TV reality series American Idol. She also happens to be the youngest in the history of American idol to have won! She was only 17 years old when she won the 6th season of American Idol in 2007. She is also popular for being the daughter of the former NFL player Philippi Sparks. She takes credit for her most renowned song No Air.

In 2015, she decided to train 5 times a week and she lost weight quickly and was able to shed off 50 pounds. Although the process is laborious, the results are worthwhile. Now she has not only recovered her figure, but her face has also become radiant. From September 2019, Sparks was selected as the Broadway replacement actor for Jenna Hunterson in Waitress. After five years, on July 31, 2020, she released another new single.


Christian Bale is an Academy Award and Golden Globe award-winning actor. The British actor is well-known for going through intense body transformations for the roles he played. In order to interpret the role more vividly in the film and television works, he can always increase or decrease his weight professionally to achieve the purpose of better shaping the character image. During a shoot for the movie Reign of Fire in 2002, he managed to gain 190 pounds!

After the film, he immediately needed to shed 70 pounds for the next project in his 2004 film The Machinist. Bale went through an intense workout and diet regimen. He also takes credit for getting buffed starring in The Dark Knight trilogy. Later, he put on another 50 pounds for his role in American Hustle. Like his late father, Bell actively supports environmental organizations. He and his wife are both directors of the Dean Fox Gorilla Foundation.


Sara Rue was born on January 26, 1979 in New York, USA. She started her acting career at the age of nine. In 1988, played the daughter of Kevin Spacey and starred in Rocket Gibraltar. Sara Rue is known for playing the role of Carmen Ferrara on the show Popular. She takes credit for being the host of the famous CW reality TV show Shedding for the Wedding. On May 21, 2011, Rue married teacher Kevin Price in a traditional Jewish wedding. In February 2013, she gave birth to their first child. Later, they adopted a second daughter.

Inspired to get rid of the few extra pounds, Sara designed a personalized weight-loss program which included a well-thought-out fitness regimen and restrictive diet. As a result, she lost 50 pounds! She stayed humble after losing that much weight. She now has a better relationship with food and her husband Kevin Price.Although occasionally it is difficult to resist the temptation of sweets, she tries hard to restrain and persist.


Graham Elliot was born on January 4, 1977 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is an American chef, restaurant owner and host of reality TV shows. He has been nominated for the James Beard Award for the restaurant industry three times. In 2004, he was included in the “Best New Chef” list by “Food and Wine” magazine, and became the youngest chef in the United States, and received a four-star rating from mainstream publications.

He went through a sleeve gastrectomy surgery in 2013 and lost 150 pounds. Before the surgery, he was a whopping 400 pounds. He told People magazine that he was having difficulty getting in and out of his own car, playing with his kids, and tying his own shoelaces.He revealed that his family was the reason why he made the big decision of getting surgery. His weight was getting in the way between him and his family. The hour-long invasive procedure changed his life. Good thing he also changed his diet plan to maintain his current weight.


Lisa Lampanelli was born on July 19, 1961 in Trumber, Connecticut, USA. She is an American actress and former talk show comedian. She has a lively and cheerful personality, and most of her works are aimed at various types of ethnic minorities or works with a sense of national humor. In December 2010, she reunited with Higby and directed her special program for the comedy Central movie “Tough Love”, which was screened in the spring of 2011.

Lisa underwent lap-band surgery in 2012. She was gaining so much weight that it wasn’t healthy anymore. Lisa lost 100 pounds after the surgery. She told the media that she had to change her lifestyle completely. She adopted a healthier lifestyle that includes eating only healthy snacks. You gotta give her credit for really taking her health seriously now. She felt the need to exercise to be physically fit and emotionally healthy as well.


Rex Ryan was born on December 13, 1962, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. He is a former American football coach and a television analyst. He has coached American football teams such as Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Kansas State University Wildcats. In the last year of Ryan’s tenure, the Pandas won the first Humanitarian Bowl at Utah State University. This was the first time the team won this honor in 50 years.

Rex Ryan takes credit for being the former head coach of the Jets. He is known for his YouTube videos and censored press meets. Rex was 348 pounds at that time. In 2012, everybody was shocked when they saw him online. He lost 100 pounds. He later revealed that he underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2010. He also shared with Men’s Health that trying a million diet pills did not work for him. He had to resort to getting surgery in order to lose weight. He must have tried all the diet pills in the world.


Adam Goldstein, full name Adam Michael Goldstein, was born on March 30, 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Adam Goldstein takes credit for being a well-known celebrity DJ. His DJ name is DJ AM. He used to weigh around 240 pounds. He grew up as a chubby kid and always had issues with his weight since he was 12 years old. He also became addicted to marijuana which resulted in his parents seeking help.

He took the munchies to a different level. Growing up as a celebrity DJ, his lifestyle was also filled with late-night partying and drinking, which added more to his weight. In 2003, Adam went under the knife through a gastric bypass surgery and lost 150 pounds. On August 28, 2009, Goldstein was found dead in his apartment in New York City. With the consent of the family, the DJ AM Memorial Foundation was established to help people who are struggling with drug abuse.


William Moody takes credit for his alter ego Paul Bearer in the wrestling scene. He is also known as Percival “Percy” Pringle III. He started as a circus photographer when he was a teenager and entered the wrestling industry. Through high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. During his four years of service, he worked very hard, constantly pursuing progress and striving for promotion.

William underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 200 pounds. In his 2003 interview, he shared that he can now see certain parts of his body that he has not seen in ages. The surgery was a sign-up bonus for renewing his contract with WWE. What a very amazing bonus! He was known as the fat and spooky, urn-holding wrestling manager of The Undertaker. Now, for the first time in 20 years, he weighs less than 300 pounds.


Etta James, whose real name is Jamesetta Hawkins, was born in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 1938. Her father is Italian and her mother is African American. She was raised by her grandparents. She has won 4 Grammy Awards and 17 Blues Music Awards. In 1993, her name was written into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then, in 2001, he entered the Blues Hall of Fame. In 1999 and 2008, respectively, he entered the Grammy Hall of Fame twice.

During her last years, she became overweight that she had to be carried around in a wheelchair in order to perform in live concerts. She was 400 pounds when she realized that her weight was causing problems and getting in the way of her career. So in order to continue her favorite music career, she had to undergo surgery. She had gastric sleeve surgery back in 2001. She lost 200 pounds after the operation. The surgery was her first time and it was later revealed that the surgery made her stomach shrink and created problems.


Jennifer Holliday born in the United States on October 19, 1960. She takes credit for being the original Dreamgirl. In 1982, Holliday won many awards including the Tony Award, Grammy Award and Drama World Awards. Her performance and singing ability have been affirmed. In 1998, Holliday was selected as the “Queen of Broadway.”In addition to the music industry and the stage, Holliday began to challenge new areas and gradually appeared in TV shows.

She blamed her weight for her mood swings, which got between her career. That pushed her away from the industry.That was one of the reasons why she decided to go under the knife. She had a gastric bypass surgery just to lose weight. She was one of the first celebrities who underwent the procedure and lost 124 pounds. After that, many celebrities with weight issues followed after her.


Deborah Voigt was born in Illinois, USA in 1960. Her mother sang and played the piano in the church. At the age of five, she joined the church choir and began to learn piano. These early experiences in the church inspired her interest in music. Later, she became a famous American drama soprano actor. She sang in operas by Wagner and Richard Strauss and was praised for it.

In 2004, she realized that she could not adapt to the costumes of the Royal Opera House and needed gastric bypass surgery. Critics pay more attention to her weight than her voice. Finally, she decided to undergo surgery and successfully lost 130 pounds in 2005. Since she could not enter the bathroom of the aircraft, she also encountered flight problems. But now, she can put on any clothing and enter the narrow airplane bathroom without any problems.


John Daley was born on April 28, 1966 in California, USA, and is an American professional golfer. His golfing talents have been shown since he was very young. During golf at the Lake of the Woods Golf Course in Lockst Grove, he defeated all male players and won the Spring Club Championship. He was 13 years old that year. He also has an alias of “Long John”.

In recent years, according to the news, he has lost 60 pounds of weight through a diet plan consisting of popcorn, cigarettes and whiskey. Of course this is unbelievable, but it was later revealed that he had a ring operation in 2008. After that he lost 115 pounds. He also realized that he had lost muscles in the process. That’s not a good thing, because his strength is one of his investments in golf. Nevertheless, he returned to the European Tour in 2009 to show off his new body.


Khaliah Ali was praised for becoming the daughter of the famous and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. She had followed the yoyo diet before, but the excess weight did not really disappear. When she weighed 325 pounds, she was already aware of her obesity without telling her. She lives in pain and sad emotions every day, and even ordinary walking and climbing stairs can’t stop panting. This state makes her bewildered.

Coupled with criticism from the paparazzi, under heavy pressure, she decided to undergo surgery. Recommended by a friend, she underwent gastric banding in 2004, which had few complications. After the operation, she lost half of the weight. Khaliah said in her memoirs that it was the daughter of a great national hero that made her continue to put pressure on herself and move on. Now her life is full of joy, health and peace.


Anne Diamond is a famous British journalist and announcer. Diamond’s son Sebastian died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 1991. Since then, she has been involved in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) research. Affected by this movement, the sudden infant death syndrome has dropped sharply from more than 2,000 cases per year to about 300 cases. Diamond was also awarded a gold medal by the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, which is the only time in history that the award has been awarded to a non-medical field.

She underwent banding surgery in 2005. In addition, she also underwent several other bariatric operations. She completely lost her craving for junk food and her appetite. Annie now accepts a sugar-free diet, which has reduced her 70 pounds. She is now trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strictly follow her diet plan to control her weight. Annie shared that even though her gastric bypass surgery did not allow her to have the figure of Catherine Zeta Jones, she is now satisfied with her weight.


Mikey Robins is an Australian media celebrity, comedian and writer. He is known for his satirical game show “Good News Week”, which is broadcast on ABC and the Internet. It returned in 2008, and the series reappeared in February 2015. In 2005, he participated in the recording of the TV show “Australia’s Smartest Comedian”. In the final round, he defeated Bob Downe, won the championship, and won 20,000 Australian dollars. He donated all the money to the Autism Society of New South Wales.

He lost his father at the age of 10, which made him emotionally dependent on diet since he was a child. His binge eating habits continued and became uncontrollable, and his weight increased greatly. After becoming famous, he thought he should lose weight now. After many considerations, he chose circular surgery and thought it was the best choice for his lifestyle. A few months after the operation, Mikey lost 143 pounds.


Charlie Weis was born on March 30, 1956, is a former American football coach. He is the coach of the Kansas Jayhawks team. He also served as the offensive coordinator of the National Football League. In 1997, Weis became the offensive coordinator of the Jets and also served as the team’s main relay coach. In the second year, the Jets achieved good results, ranking fourth in the league in offense. From 1997 to 1999, Weis has been the team’s offensive coordinator.

The former coach underwent gastric sleeve surgery. He is known for hiring malfeasance lawyers and prosecuting two cosmetic surgeons who performed operations. Because of their medical misconduct and malfeasance, he was almost killed. The defendant doctor retreated without fighting. Despite these allegations, they were determined to prove that the operation was completely successful, and Charlie refused to accept pre-surgery inspections. Quarterback Tom Brady was with Charlie during the court trial because he knew Charlie’s decision from the beginning.


Paula Deen is a well-known American TV personality and cooking show host. Her parents died when she was in her twenties. It was because she suffered from panic disorder. She began to look for things she could do without leaving home, and gradually, she began to focus on cooking for her family. Soon, her cookbook went out of the kitchen that only belonged to her. She and her son jointly ran a restaurant and published more than ten cookbooks.

She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2012, which led her to start a personalized weight loss plan. She started to follow very healthy eating habits and insisted on it anyway. She also started exercising every day. In the process, she managed to lose nearly 40 pounds. She also wrote the book “Paula Deen Cuts Fat: 250 Recipes for Weight Loss”, and shared her weight loss story with the public by way of records, hoping to help others.


Patti Austin was born on August 10, 1950 and grew up in New York. She is an American rhythm and blues and jazz singer. Her voice is deep and penetrating, making people feel as if they are on the scene. Her famous song “Say You Love Me” has been adapted many times and translated into multiple languages and is widely circulated around the world. In 2008, Patti Austin won Grammy Best Jazz Vocal Album with Avant Gershwin. She is also an Honorary Doctorate of Berkeley School of Music.

Patti Austin has always had a weight loss problem. Not only did she inherit family obesity, she also suffered from genetic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and arterial disease. Therefore, her doctor repeatedly asked her to lose weight. Despite suffering from asthma, she still loves her singing career, and in order to continue her career, she chose gastric bypass surgery. She lost 120 pounds from her original weight of 300 pounds.


John Goodman is an American actor, born on June 20, 1952. From 1988 to 1997, he participated in the famous ABC TV series “Rosanne Family Life” as Dan Connor. With this role, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series Actor in Music and Comedy. Since entering the industry, he has hardly stopped acting, regardless of the size of the role, there will be works coming out every year. In addition to acting, his unique voice is very recognizable, which brings him a lot of dubbing work.

Because of his weight, his character is easily recognizable and has always been hailed as the fat man on the screen. This actually promoted his career, but it also affected his health. After careful consideration, he decided to implement a weight loss plan to help restore health. He hired a personal trainer and followed a balanced diet. Unlike many celebrities who choose to undergo gastric bypass surgery or cuff surgery, Goodman uses natural procedures. He lost about 100 pounds.


Lavell Crawford whose full name is Lavell Maurice Crawford, was born on November 11, 1968. He is an American comedian and actor. In 1986, he graduated from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights, Missouri. During the school days, his weight was completely out of control. When I was ten, I spent almost every day groggy. Make full use of his weight to help him play an important role as a bodyguard in many popular movies and TV series.

He is known for playing Huell Babineaux in Breaking Bad and later appeared in its spin-off series Better Call Saul. However, obesity is still a dangerous thing. It may help his career, but it does not really help him in the long run. Unfortunately, diet and exercise are not suitable for him, or not his choice. Therefore, he went to stomach sleeve surgery. He lost 120 pounds after the operation and he looks pretty good now. Good luck with getting roles in the future!


Chris Moyles is a TV host and former BBC Radio 1 host, and the author and host of the “Chris Moyles” show on Radio X. In July 1997, Moyles was transferred to BBC Radio 1. From September 1998 to December 2003, he served as the host of the Morning Show, Saturday Morning Show and Driving Time Show. Then, the breakfast show was presented. He is the longest breakfast host on BBC Radio 1. In September 2012, he left BBC Radio.

Before quitting BBC Radio 1, he was very obese. Soon, he realized that his life was in danger, because he continued to bear overweight, so he had to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Fortunately, he gave up junk food and decided to devote himself to running. He has now lost 70 pounds, and all his exercise has paid off. He did not undergo any bariatric surgery or similar surgery. He looks good on TV now.


Genie Francis is an actress who takes credit for her role as Laura Spencer on the ABC TV show General Hospital. Francis was born on May 26, 1962 in New Jersey, USA. She is a famous actor. Her father is Canadian actor Ivor Francis, Her mother Rosemary Daley is a former actress/model of Lithuanian descent. In 1982, Francis first met actor and director Jonathan Frakes while filming the TV series “Bare Essence”. The two began dating in 1985, got engaged the following year, and got married on May 28, 1988.

Losing weight through a non-surgical approach was the best thing to do. Instead of going under the knife, she relied on proper workouts and diet in order to lose 55 pounds. She hired a personal trainer to help her through the process. She followed a personalized fitness regimen and a diet that was strictly assigned to her by a nutrition company. More than anything else it was her determination and her will to lose weight that brought her success.


Corey Harrison takes credit for starring in the TV reality show Pawn Stars. 9-year-old Corey Harrison started working in the pawnshop. He has been trained in professional identification techniques and is able to detect cheating. It can also handle management matters related to employee employment and dismissal. Sometimes, he feels that his father Rick Harrison treats him as a slave, but Rick thinks that Corey still needs to prove himself and earn income on his own ability.

He always had weight problems growing up. As an adult, his doctor gave him a warning when he hit the 400-pound mark. His weight became even more dangerous and something had to be done about it. With his already failing health, he opted for a gastric band surgery right away. He was able to lose 150 pounds. Since the surgery, he decided to adopt a healthier diet. He was also advised to start an exercise program to ensure that he doesn’t gain weight again after the surgery.


Caitlin Van Zandt, American actress, was born on July 17, 1985 in New York. In 2003, she was electrocuted for the first time as Ilana in the movie “Camp” and made her debut. Later, she played the role of Ashlee Wolfe in “Guide the Light”. In 2006, she played Allegra Marie Sacrimoni in the popular HBO series “The Sopranos”, and she has since become famous.

She wasn’t always chubby as a child. But she did become chubby after that and found it difficult to bring her figure back. She couldn’t keep her weight under control despite the diet pills and work out regimens that she was following. After years of trying, she felt relieved for making the decision of going through a lap-band surgery. It did not only improve her health but also her figure and she lost 90 pounds. She might get new acting roles in the future.


Lauren Rose Goodger, born in the United Kingdom on September 19, 1986, is a well-known English TV star, model and columnist. In 2010, she made her debut on the ITV reality show “The Only Way Is Essex” and did not leave until 2012, the sixth season of the show. In January 2013, she participated in the eighth season of ITV skating show “Ice Dance”. She also takes credit for releasing her own workout DVD.

She was constantly in the limelight which had its ups and downs. She was constantly bashed for her figure and all the fat-shaming comments about her unflattering photos surfaced on the internet. She used that as motivation so she decided to get back in shape. She never bothered to consider liposuction or gastric sleeve surgery. Instead, she went on a healthy diet and did lots of exercises. She lost 48 pounds and now she is toner than other celebrities out there.


Frankie Essex turned to alcohol and stress eating after a bad break up, which was a very unhealthy coping mechanism. To the degree that she gained a lot of weight after her break up with John Lyons. In addition to the harm to the body, it seems that there is no practical effect at all, and it will even enter a vicious circle. With every break up comes the moving on stage.

After her binge eating and alcohol streak, she decided to get her act together and slim down immediately. She said goodbye to all the unhealthy food and bid farewell to wine. She also insists on exercising every day. The best revenge is to lose weight, so she lost 30 pounds! She also went to Ibiza to strut her new figure. Bathing in the sun on the beach, she regained her former confidence.


Kirstie Mary Allsopp was born on August 31, 1971, Kirstie Allsopp is a TV presenter who takes credit for being an awesome property expert appearing in Location, Location, Location, and more! There are also other TV shows, including the real estate renovation project “Love It or List It”. She is also known for her performances on home handicrafts, and she will start filming locked handicrafts for Channel 4 with a team of 11 people, who will arrive at her house recently.

She has always been a curvy woman because of her busy lifestyle. She neglected the time for exercise and gained so much weight in her forties. Kirstie decided to seek help from a nutritionist Amelia Freer later on. Amelia helped Kirstie by cutting down her sugar and processed food intake. She was also advised to stick to a consistent Pilates and Zumba regimen. She was able to lose 28 pounds making her look like she’s just on her thirties.


We all know Drew Barrymore from the action-comedy Charlie’s Angels, where she played the sultry role of Dylan Sanders. She was born on February 22, 1975. She is a member of the Barrymore family and the granddaughter of John Barrymore. When she was 11 months old, she filmed the first commercial in her life. Later, she gradually became the most popular child star in Hollywood.

It was a shock for everyone to see the alluring Hollywood star gain some pounds a few years after. Now, Barrymore is the star of the new Netflix horror-comedy series Santa Clarita Diet. In the midst of shooting, she partnered with Kimberly Snyder for a weight-loss journey centered on a low-carb diet. She lost 20 pounds since then and she made healthier lifestyle investments. Now, she’s looking like the young and fit star that she is!


Gaining weight when you’re expecting is nothing but normal, even for Hollywood stars like Nicole Sullivan. Nicole Julianne Sullivan was born in Manhattan on April 21, 1970. Her father was a New York State Senator. Sullivan is famous for his sketch comedy series MADtv. The King of Queens star caught up on weight while she was carrying her first child.

After giving labor, Sullivan decided to follow a strict diet plan to cut back the pounds. Using a meal delivery service, she reduced her calorie intake to a slim number of 1,100 daily. After a long period of diets and healthy eating, Sullivan is back in shape, looking as fit as ever. Although she let go of her strict meal plan to a certain degree, she goes on a few uphill walks every now and then, coupled with some weight lifting.


Stacy Ann Ferguson was born on March 27, 1975, and is known by his stage name Fergie. She is an American pop music and R&B singer, songwriter, fashion product designer, TV host, and film and television works. Before that, she was the female lead singer of the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. The iconic 2000s singer and songwriter Fergie stuck to a diet weight-loss routine when she was looking to cut some pounds.

With the help of a low-calorie diet program, she made sure to consume a total of 1,200 calories a day. Additionally, she consumed apple cider vinegar for her healthy routine to help burn fat and cholesterol and to boost her metabolism. The Black Eyed Peas singer successfully lost 20 pounds since then. To keep her in shape, she’s keeping her diet at 1,600 calories and loans a bit of her time for a few gym sessions.


Josh Peck, born on November 10, 1986, is an American director and actor. When he was less than four years old, he began to appear in film and television dramas as a child star. He grew up in a family in Manhattan, New York. In childhood, he suffered from asthma. Later, he was encouraged by his family to participate in stand-up comedy performances in New York City. Nickelodeon star Josh Peck from Drake and Josh was a baby-faced character we all loved.

However, as the actor matured, he made it a goal to lose some weight after the show stopped airing. Through lap band surgery, Peck lost more than 100 pounds with the help of an active and healthier lifestyle. His private trainer was no less than strict when it came to following his new fitness routine and the payoff was priceless. Deemed as one of the most dramatic weight-loss journeys in the industry, Peck deserves all the credit for giving up the unhealthy lifestyle for a better body.


On February 27, 1968, Kevin Liles was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is the co-founder and CEO of 300 Entertainment, a famous American record company. Kevin Lile’s success came from his projects in Def Records and as Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group, where he was remembered for his weight and size. After finally deciding to live a healthier lifestyle, Liles used his investment money and credit to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

The surgery, which meant removing a large part of your stomach to keep you full for longer, was coupled with a well-balanced diet. Following this major diet and lifestyle change, Liles successfully lost 30 pounds. It seems this businessman is much able to enjoy the fruits of his many business ventures now that he’s in better shape. Through his continuous efforts and active actions, Kevin will be named the annual executive of the R&B/Hip Hop field by Billboard Magazine in 2020.


Patrick Vaughn Stump, whose real name is Patrick Martin Stump, was born on April 27, 1984. He is an American musician, composer and producer. He is Fall Out Boy vocalist and rhythm guitarist. After their second album “Take This to Your Grave” was released, their music can be heard on the streets and alleys, and the sales of this album even reached the gold record level. Since his decision to go on hiatus in 2009, Patrick Stump has been focusing on his weight-loss journey.

His lifestyle today consists of portion control and regular exercise. After his time away from the spotlight, he was back with 60 pounds lost. Through weight investment planning, Stump was able to move away from his old unhealthy habits to emerge into a more fit version of himself. Today, Stump’s success is growing continuously as he launched his first solo effort at an album. With his newly-gained confidence and a better outlook, there’s no stopping this musician’s career from skyrocketing.


Ashlee Simpson is an American singer-songwriter who is famous alongside her sister Jessica Simpson. Ashley has released three solo albums, namely “Pieces of Me” released in 2004, “I Am Me” released in 2005 and “Bittersweet World” released in 2008. After she left the limelight, she settled down with Evan Ross, the young actor and musician, and eventually started her journey to motherhood. She decided to change her diet in anticipation of her baby.

With fifty pounds to lose, Ashlee faced the new strict lifestyle head-on. Simpson achieved her goal in no time by changing her daily diet and doing regular exercise. She shared that she spends at least half an hour sweating out the calories in the gym. Strong sense of her goal, perseverance, and dedication were her investments. And in no time, Ashlee had lost the extra pounds and is back in shape.


Ricki Pamela Lake is an American actress, TV presenter and producer. With her performance as the protagonist Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 movie “Hairspray”, she became famous and was nominated for Best Actress in the Independent Spirit Award. In addition, she has performed on talk shows. Hairspray star Ricki Pamela Lake is not immune to weight gain struggles and she was vocal about the many ways she tried to lose the extra pounds.

Finally, she decided to stick to do simple calorie control and exercise routine. This seemed to do wonders for her as she shrunk to a certain degree, with her body going from a size 24 to a size 12. In a little over six months, Lake lost over a hundred pounds, something that surprised fans and people in the industry. Now, Lake is looking fit as ever without her pregnancy weight stopping her confidence.


Olive Marie Osmond was born on October 13, 1959. She holds several positions, is an American singer, actor, writer, philanthropist, and talk show host. Although she has never received professional music training, during the ‘70s up to the ‘80s, she also played country music for a period of time and was successful. Then she takes credit for being a popular country music star. Her most popular song was her remake of Paper Roses.

She also hosted a variety show with her brother Donny Osmond called Donny and Marie. She struggled to get the body that she always wanted but because of the advancement of technology and science in the late 2000s, she discovered a Nutrisystem diet program that helped her lose 45 pounds. Now, she’s happy to have achieved her dream figure. She most recently appeared in an episode of Watch What Happens: Live.


Kelly Kristen Cucco was born in California, USA on November 30, 1985. She is an actress. Kaley Cuoco acknowledges keeping her body in shape requires a lot of work. Hence, she is keeping up with her fitness routine. The Big Bang Theory star doesn’t let her shoulder surgery hinder her workout. She continuously moves her body despite wearing a sling. She finds fitness classes unfit for her and tries every fitness style that will work out for her.

However, she falls in love with hot yoga, which is performed in a heated room and more intense than traditional yoga. Cuoco gives credit to yoga for transforming her body after doing it five times a week. She now loves her toned body and building muscle, seeing it as “sexy and beauty”. So, she proudly says she 100% owes it to yoga. Looking forward to her getting roles in more films.


Anna Gunn was born on August 11, 1968 in Ohio, USA. Popular for her role as Skyler White on the AMC drama series Breaking Bad, Anna Gunn was at the receiving end of many criticisms for her weight gain towards the end of the show. During 2013 and 2014, she won the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Primetime. She also won the American Screen Actors Guild Drama Group Outstanding Performance Award.

The Emmy Award-winning actress shares that her weight gain was a product of her medication and undisciplined diet, as she fell ill while filming the show. After her struggle in the limelight and the countless bashing, Gunn decided to take the healthier journey, giving credit to her exercise routine for her incredible weight loss. There’s no more stopping her from enjoying motherhood with a body that’s to-die-for.


Holly Madison was born on December 23, 1979 in Astoria, Oregon, USA. Holly Madison is a television personality, showgirl, model, and a New York Times best-selling author. She gained popularity from the E! Reality TV series The Girl Next Door and her own series, Holly’s World. When she was young, in order to pay for college tuition, Madison raced to become a Hawaiian tropical model and served as a waiter in Hooters.

Much like other celebrities, Madison’s weight gain came from her pregnancy and child labor. In just eighteen months, she gained a surprising count of 19 pounds. Despite this, Madison posed for a multi-page Body After Baby spread in a national magazine. To slim down, she engaged in workout routines that focused on Yoga and Pilates, along with a disciplined low-carb diet. Her weight-loss investments also included a supplement that is designed to boost energy and metabolism.


Who doesn’t know Sabrina, the Teenage Witch? This popular character was played by none other than Melissa Joan Hart. In 1998, for her performance in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, she won the Children’s Choice Award for the Most Popular Actress. In 2000, she won the award again for “Drive Me Crazy”. This American actress was given credit for her appearances in sitcoms Clarissa Explains It All and of course, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

After giving birth to her third child, Hart had gained a total of sixty pounds. It took Hart eleven months to bring back her fit shape. According to one of her interviews, she had to wait until she was ready because her child was her top priority. With the help of a clean diet and multiple weight loss investments, this well-loved star is now forty pounds less.


Tamisha Roman is an American model, actress, television personality, and businesswoman. In 1993, Roman became famous in the TV show “Real World: California”. Later, she often appeared in various movies, and appeared in many TV shows and supporting roles in movies in the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2001, Roman appeared in “Card Sharks” revival and several other performances, and therefore received more attention. In 2010, Roman became one of the main actors in the VH1 reality TV series “Basketball Wife”.

After she quit smoking, she had alarmingly gained weight. Once she reached 185 pounds, it was time for her to finally change her diet and lifestyle to bring back her shape. Roman gives credit to weight loss supplement NV Clinical, which helped her drop seven pounds in just one week. She likewise incorporated exercises into her daily routine, which resulted in drastic changes. While she had received body-shaming criticisms and negative backlash, Roman remained confident.


Talent and skills are no longer enough for today’s Showbiz industry, Amy Schumer knows this better than anyone else. She starred in the comedy drama “Inside Amy Schumer”, which has been broadcast since 2013. With her vivid performance, she has won a Peabody Award and nominated for five Emmy Awards. In 2015, the first film “Trainwreck”, written and acted by her, was released. The response of the film was so good and it made her was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical Comedy at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

As a TV personality, Schumer knows that good looks are much like a good credit report. She was conscious of how she looked as this affected her career, or anyone’s, greatly. As she took on a role in American romantic comedy film Trainwreck, she was forced to go on a weight-loss journey. While it was difficult at first, Schumer admits that she’s happier with how her body now. The gym memberships were indeed worth it for this dedicated star!


Candace Cameron was born on April 6, 1976. She is an American actress, producer and writer. She is also a member of the talk show team. In addition, she has worked with hallmark channel, starring in the novel adaptation film series and appearing in many holiday films. Famous for her role as DJ Tanner on Full House, Candace Cameron was another showbiz mom who started to gain weight after giving birth.

She took a self-imposed hiatus from TV and film, where she decided to take the time to focus on her weight. Cameron began following a strict diet. Unlike other celebrities, it wasn’t as difficult for her. Soon enough, she was losing noticeable weight. Despite the backlash, Cameron admits to feeling more energetic than she did pre-lifestyle change. Today, she looks as happy as ever with her new fit body. It seems that this star could give some online classes on determination and positivity.


Everyone had a crush on Mark Wahlberg, one of the most prominent and influential actors in Hollywood. He also appeared in the band Marky mark and the funky bunch. His representative film is The Departed, The Fighter, and has been nominated for many Oscar and Golden Globe many times. He’s famous for his fit body, which made him famous among the ladies. Even insurance companies were keen on getting him as a client with his unbreakable success.

However, Wahlberg went through a drastic weight loss which cost him his sculpted figure. Losing 60 pounds, the star forced this weight change in preparation for his role in crime thriller The Gambler, as he played a character deep in drug addiction. Despite saying goodbye to his toned muscles, Wahlberg’s willingness to go the extra mile for his character shows his dedication and is equally as deserving of a successful career.


Jason Alexander is an actor and comedian who has been in the business industry for a while now. Born on September 23, 959, Jay Scott Greenspan is an American comedian, magician and voice actor. He became famous as George Costanza in Seinfeld. In addition, he was also active on the stage of musicals such as Broadway and won the Tony Award for best actor in 1989. We were all witnesses to his successful weight-loss journey.

This was made possible by his strict 1,500 calorie-diet, a far cry from his previous 4,500 daily calorie intake. Above all, Alexander’s family was concerned with his eating habits. His son used to call him SFB, which stood for “Short, fat, and bald.” When the actor slash director started losing weight, he told his son, “You’re going to have to make it just SB pretty soon!” Alexander stayed true to his words and has successfully cut off 30 pounds.


Kathy Bates is a senior American film and television actress and film director. She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Oscar and Golden Globe Awards. In 1991, she won the best actress award in the 63rd Academy Awards for her excellent acting skills in “Misery”. Kathy Bates’ on-screen prowess and charisma captured our attention and hearts which helped with her incredible success. However, she had her share of ups and downs.

She was diagnosed with cancer and is required to undergo several cancer treatments. The stress from the treatments and cash loans took a toll on her body and caused her weight to drop significantly. The star was eager to lose even more weight and successfully did so. In one of her interviews, she shared her healthy lifestyle secret: Mindfulness. She knew when to push her plate away. It seems to have done the trick for this beautiful personality.


Ortiz Magro, a famous American TV personality, was born on December 4, 1985 in the Bronx, New York City. He has both Italian and Puerto Rican descent. Ronnie Ortiz is living proof that hard work pays off. Known for his beefy build and fiery temper on MTV’s Jersey Shore, the actor revealed that his muscles had atrophied since falling ill in 2013.

After posting a before-and-after photo taken in the span of a month, he told his fans that he had to let go of himself to get back in shape. He says that he is nowhere near his goal but he is feeling a lot better. He works on his goal by going to the gym and with the help of his fitness. Additionally, Ortiz is looking at some weight loss surgical investments to boost his current weight loss journey.


Jared Joseph Leto is an American actor, director, producer and singer. He is from Bossier City, Louisiana, USA. For Jared Leto, it was necessary to put on additional weight for his role Chapter 27. However, in 2012, Leto proved that he is someone who can achieve anything when he puts his mind to it. It was definitely jaw-dropping to see his photos after losing weight, the ones that went viral online.

Later, Leto confessed that he did it on purpose for his appearance in drama film Dallas Buyers Club. He shared that he stopped eating normally for 21 days as if he were a person who had gone through total bankruptcy. Truly, Leto’s dedication is nothing short of admirable. Jared played the role of transgender AIDS patients in the Dallas Buyers Club. His performance was impressive and he won the 86th Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.


Ruben Studdard is an American singer and actor. In 2003, he won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Performance for his excellent performance in “American Idol”. Since then, he hasn’t stopped releasing albums and has expanded his career to participate in some movies. Ruben Studdard might still be considered plus size but he shocked the world after he lost no less than 127 pounds.

In an interview, he shared that reality series Biggest Loser had a great impact on the way he saw himself. Despite his loss in the show, he gives credit to the experience in shaping his current healthier habits. The actor confessed that it was a tough process for him but he was glad that he had taken part in the show. He’s now much more confident to walk around with his better physique and is even considering surgery to boost his weight loss.


Angie Stone is a popular personality in the music industry and has made a name for herself after collaborating with several famous musicians. During her days with The Sequence, Stone had a bit of weight. It grew worse during her career, which resulted in Type 2 Diabetes. Soon after, Stone started working with the rap band Mantronix and singer Lenny Kravitz. In the early 1990s, she joined the R&B group Vertical Hold and became one of them.


Since 2002, Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Kaul have served as judges for the American Idol show on Fox TV. In the eighth season of the show, the jury joined the famous producer Keira Diogudi. Grammy Award-winning record producer Randy Jackson is open about his successes and failures when it came to his weight-loss journey. Over the years, he admittedly swiped his credit cards for countless programs and methods but to no avail.

However, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it was as if he was slapped with a wake-up call. The bassist took his condition seriously from then on. In 2003, Jackson opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery to energize his weight-loss efforts. But weight-loss surgery is not a permanent solution as Jackson soon regained his weight. Still, he remains a health advocate, even starting his own weight-loss program.


Oprah Winfrey is definitely a big name in the showbiz industry and we all love to watch her entertaining talk show. Oprah Winfrey, born in Mississippi, is an American TV talk show host, producer, investor, philanthropist and actor, and one of the most influential African American celebrities in the United States . She is the person who has been elected to the top 100 people of the era the most times in history, with a total of 9 times.

Despite her fame, she had managed to keep a low profile. Her relationships were kept in private but her weight issues have always been known to the public. Her journey to getting in shape is almost as interesting as her life story. She gives credit to Weight Watchers for helping her lose forty pounds. As a form of thanks, she joined their advocacy and is now one of their stakeholders. With her skyrocketing career, Winfrey is getting healthier and her revenue is getting bigger.


John Popper is a well-known harmonica player. He originally dreamed of becoming a comedian but later changed his mind when he took the stage as The Blue Brothers with his friends. Popper thought he was living the life of a rock star but his health was slowly deteriorating. In 1990, he began touring with Blues Traveler and occasionally performed solo concerts. Some of Popper’s original popular tracks have become an important part of Blues Traveler.

From 2017 to 2018, Popper began to perform solo in the United States. Sometimes, he will perform with Blues Traveler keyboard player Ben Wilson. He had a massive chest pain to a degree where he had to be admitted in a hospital. According to the diagnosis, this was caused by a block in one of his arteries. Luckily, Popper dodged a cardiac arrest, but he underwent angioplasty. The surgeries cost him most of his investment money but at least his weight dropped significantly.


Remini is an American actress, writer and social activist. From 2010 to 2011, Remini also hosted the daytime talk show The Talk. From 2016 to 2019, she co-produced and hosted the A&E documentary series “Lea Remini: Science and Consequences” with her partners. With outstanding language skills and hosting skills, she won two prime time Emmy Awards. The King of Queens star put on about eighty pounds during her pregnancy. After giving birth to her child, she was focused on losing all the weight she gained.

To help her achieve her goal, she took out loans to hire a personal fitness trainer and follow a diet program designed by Dr. R. Cohen. Remini said that the change in her diet plans and intensive workout helped her achieve her goal without having to depend on surgery. With this mindset, Remini followed her eating plans and exercise schedules. Today, she enjoys a more toned physique and a better lifestyle.


After he burst on to the scene in Sean ‘Diddy Combs’ MTV reality show Making The Band 3 in 2004, Aubrey O’Day remained adamant that she has never gone under the knife to achieve her gorgeous figure. However, since she left her group, Danity Kane, O’Day had gained additional weight. O’Day used to be a model for magazines such as Blender and Playboy, and also performed on Broadway.

In 2011, she signed a solo record contract with Universal Motown Records. In 2013, she released her first EP Between TwoEvils. Her weight was gradually increasing like mortgage rates but she chose not to undergo any surgery to lose the additional weight. Instead, she opted to join a group workout session that has the appropriate exercise equipment. Now, O’Day’s weight is 15 pounds less and she is looking as glam as she did 15 years ago.


Shawn Johnson is an American former artistic gymnast who has bagged countless medals in her field. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she won a gold medal on the balance beam and a silver medal in floor exercise. At the Pan American Games, Johnson won the individual all-around championship, uneven bars and balance beam gold medals in 2007, and won the team championships in 2007 and 2011. She was also the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 8.

In 2012, she announced her retirement from gymnastics and later she was seen gaining a few extra pounds. Just like any celebrity, the athlete-star was not spared from criticisms. Because of this, Johnson took extreme measures to lose weight. She tried detox diets and juice cleansing and had almost developed anorexia. Fortunately, she was able to put her investment money to good use when she switched to a much healthier diet and weight loss plan.


Amber Riley is famous for her role as Mercedes on Glee, a Fox comedy-drama. With her outstanding performance in the series, she won various awards including the Screen Actors Guild Award, the “Youth Choice Award” and the NAACP Image Award. And for music, she won the “Grammy Award”. With her confidence, Riley was vocal about loving her body, no matter what size.

In one of her interviews, she even said that she had no desire to become a stick figure and definitely wants to keep some of her assets unchanged. However, when she had herself checked, she found that her rapid weight gain was becoming dangerous for her health. She then started her journey to weight loss with a strategy that patters investment planning-careful steps designed to achieve her desired goal. Riley successfully lost 30 pounds and is now two dress sizes slimmer.


Monica Seles is a former professional tennis player from Yugoslavia who also represented the United States. She is one of the GOAT in the history of women’s tennis. She ranked 1st in the world in singles, 9 Grand Slam titles and a triple crown and she is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. In 1993, she became a victim of an on-court attack. A man stabbed her in the back with a 9-inch long knife and she was not able to return to tennis for over two years.

She rejoined the sports in 1995 despite not being able to get back to the same flooring. For Seles, it seemed like the incident left the artist scarred emotionally, too. She developed eating disorders after the incident which brought consequences to her health. Now, she’s championing for a healthier lifestyle with the help of a dietitian. Slowly but surely, this athlete is getting back in shape and saying goodbye to her eating disorder.


Holly Hagan is an English television personality best known from the MTV series Geordie Store. Prior to joining Geordie Shore, Hagan worked at HM Revenue and Customs and also worked in sales at the Santander call center. After getting a place in the show, she chose to resign. She was known for her perfect hour-glass figure but poor junk food diets filled with booze, soda, and fatty snacks, had its toll on her figure.

One morning, the star saw an unflattering photo of herself from a night out and that became her turning point. Having tried and failed quick fixes like body shrinking wraps in the past, Holly decided to do it the hard way. She started working out with a personal trainer and gave her diet a complete overhaul, ditching coke and crisps for a clean meal plan. Just like student loans being paid off, Holly’s hard work surely had allowed her to maintain her ideal weight.

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