Which Celeb Is Hitting The High Net Worth Or In The Risk Of Bankruptcy


Widely known as P. Diddy or Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, who also goes by other names like Puff Brother Love or simply Love, is considered to be the wealthiest hip hop artist in the music industry. Before P. Diddy became a well-known rapper, he had a rough childhood in Harlem where his father was killed when he was only two years old. He clawed through it and found his fame in hip-hop after his first hit, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.

His net worth is estimated to be at $875 million. Aside from his music career, he is also known for his skills in business and investments, although he didn’t finish a business degree. It seems like growing his wealth comes naturally to Sean Combs, because in case it’s not that obvious, this guy keeps on adding more and more to his already huge net worth through the years.


Coming from a humble beginning, Katy Perry emerges as one of the best pop artists and musicians of her generation. Her success story includes experiencing eating from charity meals as a young girl. However, with her hard work and exceptional talents, she managed to get out far from that life. Of course, not since after her releasing multiple hits and winning awards does she manage to hit $330 million net worth. Katy Perry signed with Capitol Records in 2007, the same year she made a breakthrough.

The singer’s album One Of The Boys was well received by fans and critics alike. Katy is reported to have sold 7 million copies worldwide. Now, she lives comfortably and luxuriously with various acquisitions of cars and a great list of homes, an L.A. Mansion and New York Apartment all complete with top of the line home security systems.


Classic hit TV series Happy Days star, Ron Howard, is one of Hollywood’s great actors, who is also one of the amazing directors and producers there is. In his career as a mix of talent in the showbiz industry, he has been a recipient of various recognitions and awards from different prestigious bodies that prove his worth in the industry. His most proficient work is his co-production of the film “Beautiful Mind”. The film grossed more than $313 million at the box office.

With all his hard work, he has hit a net worth of $160 million, which he well deserved. In 2014, Ron and Cheryl paid $27.5 million for a 33-acre property on a lake in Greenwich, Connecticut. So far, as our keen eyes and ears heard, there has not yet any news of bankruptcy court filings from this guy. He must also be competent in managing his wealth.